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Please give us any feedback you can on how you find this website. If you can think of anything that would enhance it, or if there are any products / publications which you think we should stock, please let us know either by email (, or by posting a message up here on the forum !
I am a visual-motor dyslexic, I am also an adult dyslexia tutor and the Language and Dyslexia Co-ordinator at an Inner London College. I like the colours. However, the writing is to small and confusing. It would be great to have some example or just a small bit of a review so that I have some clue about what I am buying. This site has a lot of potential.

Thanks for giving me the chance to have my say.

Steve McCue
at 11:30pm
>I have obtained some excellent publications from America:

Right brained children in a left brained world.Unlocking the potential of the ADD child (Freed and Parsons)

Unicorns are real: A right brained approach to learning. (Barbara Meister Vale)

Late talking Children: Thomas Sowell

The Einstein Syndrome: Thomas sowell

at 5:43pm
s collins
>Thanks very much for the feedback. There are some enhancements in the pipeline, so we'll be sure to incorporate suggestions where possible.

If anyone has any more comments, please post.


James Wilkes.
at 2:38am
James Wilkes
>You separate items in the catalogue lists by alternating yellow and blue. Do you do that to help dyslexic readers, by any chance? What made you decide to do it that way? Do you know anyone who has done any research on how colour can be used to help dyslexics read web pages more easily? 25/03/2003
at 9:56pm
Ginny Stacey


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