Music and Dyslexia 31/01/2001 sarahw
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My son is dyslexic, and has recently started learning the drum kit. His music teacher knows little about dyslexia.. can you suggest any book which might be useful? Sarah W
>You could try 'Instrumental Music For Dyslexics:A Teaching Handbook'. This book is aimed at music teachers. Click here to view it now 01/03/2001
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>Although I haven't touched my kit for about 8 years, not having had the time or space since my kids came on the scene, I started playing them age 14, until 26. I'm not dyslexic, though I believe my son is, however drumming is about the feel for the music. Books don't teach you that. Practice does. I played Heavy Rock, Pop Rock, even Brass Band music. Practice, practice, practice. Listen, listen, listen & play, play play.
Be careful, drum tutoring, particularly early on can overly influence and too rigidly set a young and developing style. Unless the teacher is VERY good, and VERY accomplished.
I'll repeat this again, sorry. You don't need drum books, just Listen, listen, listen & play, play, play.
Hope it helps, and good luck whatever route your son takes.
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William Hopkins


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