Dyspraxia and ADD 28/02/2001 anthony.cotterill
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Our 10 year old son has been formaly diagnosed as having Dyspraxia and ADD. He is behind with his education due to this and the school do not seem willing to support my sons mother and me through helping our son to achieve. What do you advise we do? What books can help us to help our much loved son? Thank you
>Hi Anthony, My son is also Dyspraxic, there is a wonderful site at Yahoo Clubs called Parents of Dyspraxic kids see if you can find it unfortunately I do not know your e-mail address other wise I would invite you to join. Good Luck - Mary 13/06/2001
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>Hi, Have you tried The Gift of Dyslexia I have been told that is Book is the best Book for children with Dyslexia I hope that this helps you. Click here to view it now 17/07/2001
at 12:59am
Gary Lambert
>if the school is reluctant to help, through personal experience i suggest you find out about you and your sons right, the Code of Practise, from your LEA, is a start, and regular contact with the senco. I sympathise with the way you must be feeling it can be a struggle some times, also contact the ed psyc he / she is there to help 09/08/2001
at 12:39pm
michelle barber
>My son (10.5 years) has also recently been diagnosed as mildly dyslexic and dyspraxic. His learning difficulties went undetected and he was accused of not taking responsibility for his homework! I would recommend to put in writing your dissatisfaction to the Head and the support you require for your child. Then follow this with a meeting with the Head and the SENCO. Keep the pressure on - IN WRITING ! 16/05/2002
at 2:12pm
>there is a book out about dyspraxia its a parent and teacher guide on understanding how dyspraxia varies, affects children in the different age groups it might be worth getting it and show the teachers what is wrong with your child and what you and the teachers can do to help the child. If that doesnt work take it up with school guvs 12/09/2002
at 4:22pm
christina monro


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