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Scanning for DetailsPete Smith
School Learning & Cognitive StylesRichard Riding
School Spelling DictionaryChristine Maxwell & Julia Rowlandson
Sensory Perceptual Issues in Autism & Asperger SyndromeOlga Bogdashina
Sentence Tracking (Ann Arbor)Betty Lou Kratoville
Sentence Tracking (Kickstart)Pete Smith
Sentence Writing Book (The)Pete Smith
Shot in the Dark (A)Harris l Coulter & Barbara Loe Fisher
Slingerland Screening TestsBeth H Slingerland
Smart Kids with School ProblemsPriscilla Vail
Smart Moves:Why Learning Is Not All In The HeadCarla Hannaford.
Solving Language DifficultiesA Steere, C Z Peck and L Kahn
Sound Activities Worksheets
Sound Linkage - An Integrated Programme for Overcoming Reading Difficulties (second edition)Peter J Hatcher
Sound of a Miracle (the)Annabel Stehli
Sound Practice:Phonological Awareness in the ClassroomLyn Layton, Karen Deeny & Graham Upton.
Sounds Abound:Listening, Rhyming & ReadingHugh Catts & Tina Vartiainen.
Sounds EasyRosalind Birkett
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (The)Vic Shuttleworth
Special Educational Needs in the Primary SchoolJean Gross
Special order (title/author not listed)
Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) - Challenges & ResponsesPumfrey & Reason
Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia):A Teachers` GuideMargaret Crombie.
Speed Reading Book (Revised edition)Tony Buzan
Spell It OutHilda King
Spelling Dictionary for Beginning WritersGregory Hurray
Spelling Made EasyBarbara Dykes & Constance Thomas
Spelling Made Easy (Textbooks & copiable worksheets)Violet Brand
Spelling Re-visitedEileen Stirling
Spelling Rules Books 1&2Pete Smith
Spelling:Caught or Taught.Margaret L Peters
Spotlight on BlendsGillian Aitken
Spotlight on Suffixes.Gillian Aitken
Spotlight on WordsGillian Aitken
Stareway to SpellingKeda & Kelsey Cowling
Stopping ADHD:A New SolutionNancy O`Dell & Patricia Cook
Stride Ahead:An Aid to ComprehensionKeda Cowling
Students and Dyslexia:Growing Up With a Specific Learning DifficultyRiddick Farmer & Sterling
Study SkillsGina Cooke, Fil Came, Mel Brough
Study Skills and Dyslexia in the Secondary SchoolMarion Griffiths
Study Skills: A Pupils Survival GuideChristine Ostler
Sum Hope:Breaking the Numbers BarrierSteve Chinn
Supporting Dyslexic Pupils 7-14 Across the CurriculumSally Raymond
Supporting Literacy and Numeracy:A Guide For Teaching AssistantsGlenys Fox & Marian Halliwell
Symbol Discrimination and SequencingBetty Lou Kratoville
Symbol/Letter TrackingBetty Lou Kratoville

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Last updated: 18 March 2013